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Left- “OLIVIA”  A young happy girl. Always looks like she is smiling. She looks like she has Dalmation &? Sweet and loving. Right Top- “PAIGE”  Such a sweet  girl. I believe she is 10-12 mos and is a nice med. size, but looks to have Shep and?.  Very bright & willing. Right 2nd down- “ PEPPER”  A very cute boy that is about 6 mos. and a chunky little fellow. Puzzling me on the breed.  “ OZ”  a year or two old. He is very loving guy, and very sharp in the brains dept. Right 4th down - ‘paw paw’  This boy is a 5 year old Red Tick Hound. A Big love!  We have all become fond of him with his BIG smiles. Does well.

“ Trained for your house at the big house: connecting homeless dogs with loving families”

The Danville - Boyle County Humane Society (DBCHS) has launched a new program known as Mutts With Manners to help homeless dogs have their day and find forever homes.

Sponsored by the DBCHS in conjunction with the Northpoint Training Center in Burgin, Ky. (Northpoint Trained Canines Program), the new program pairs carefully screened prison inmates with 5 shelter dogs for a 6 week period. Ten inmates, working together with a professional trainer, prison staff, and volunteers, provide the dogs with basic obedience training, socialization, behavior modification, and one-on-one companionship. In the end the dogs participating in the program graduate with a wealth of valuable skills that help give them an increased chance (or a paws up!) on finding a loving home.

The inmates and the dogs live together in the prison dormitory and attend weekly training sessions. They follow a strict training regimen that provides the dogs with the structure they need to adapt into a traditional home. Demand for balanced, trained dogs is high as proven by other successful model prison training programs across the United States.

By the time they are released, the “ Mutts With Manners “ are more confident, better behaved and are looking forward to starting a new life with an easier transition to a new loving family. They are Canine Good Citizen tested too!

As we change out dogs every 6 weeks, we have many trained dogs to choose from as they graduate the program. Please consider making out an application today to adopt a Mutt With Manners. We will do our best to match you with your perfect match! The adoption fee is $125.00. All dogs have been spay/neutered, heartworm tested, and have had all of their inoculations.

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